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I am Sigurdur Thordarson

The world seen from the perspectives of a former whistleblower, hacker and a participant involved in several of the most significant data breaches and release of classified information in history.

I am sigurdur Thordarson

Sigurdur thordarson

throuhout my life, iv'e encountered more three-letter-agencies than most people do in a lifetime

the documentary film and series “A Dangerous Boy” by Ole Bendtzen.

Additionally, i’ll be sharing documents and files related to my minor volunteering role at wikiLeaks, these materials will offer insight into WikiLeaks operations and activities during that period, while also challenging the narrative presented by the organization regarding my life, involvement and my connection with Julian Assange.

who is sigurdur thordarson

Frequently asked

I’m Sigurdur Thordarson, the central figure in the documentary series “A Dangerous Boy.” Besides my prominence in the documentary, I work as a cybersecurity consultant, speaking at public events to share insights into topics like WikiLeaks, whistleblowing, Anonymous, Lulzsec, hacking and cybersecurity

While I’ve been kalled the “Key Witness” in Julian Assange’s legal proceedings in the US, I don’t necessarily agree with that label. However, it’s clear that much of the information circulated about me over the past decade doesn’t reflect my experiences or even facts about my life.

Before turning 20, I played a role in some major world events, including the largest release of classified information in history like the Iraq and Afghanistan War logs, diplomatic cables (CableGate), Guantanamo Bay files (Gitmo files), and revelations about corruption in Iceland’s elite circles. I was also involved in significant hacks targeting the worlds intelligence services, governments, and corporations, including obtaining inner communications from Bashar Al Assad, later known as “The Syrian Files,” and diplomatic and intelligence reports from the US Government, referred to as “The Kissinger Cables.”

With WikiLeaks, I participated in hacking operations alongside Anonymous and Lulzsec, conducted espionage against journalists, WikiLeaks personnel, and volunteers, and communicated with Bradley/Chelsea Manning’s legal team regarding WikiLeaks support. Additionally, I also engaged in espionage against Manning’s support network and launched successful attacks on Icelandic government and power infrastructure on behalf of WikiLeaks.


“A Dangerous Boy,” a deeply personal documentary chronicling the intricate chapters of my life, painstakingly crafted over a span of ten years.

Despite WikiLeaks doing everything they can to stop this project and do what they can to discredit it, the team behind the project are recognized worldwide.

For example, the producer has been nominated for the Oscars Academy Award  in categories of documnetaries.

I have been convicted of crimes, having faced legal consequences for a series of economic crimes totaling several million dollars.

Furthermore, I acknowledge my culpability in cases involving the solicitation of engaging individuals in sexual favors. I willingly pled guilty to these charges, and subsequent to legal proceedings, I served a prison sentence, and paid aprox. a total of  225,000 USD in damages and court fee’s taking full responsibility for my actions.

The individuals i solicited into sexual favours and i plead guilty to in a court of law are born in the years, 1992,1993,1994,1995,1996.

I am born in 1992.

It is crucial to clarify, contrary to prevailing beliefs and unfounded rumors disseminated by entities such as WikiLeaks, that I have never been convicted or brought to court for offenses related to molestation, violence, rape, pedophilia, or any comparable crimes.

In the interest of transparency, I disclose that I have been diagnosed with aspergers syndrome and anti Social Behaviour.

My crimes which is important to note i did confess and plead guilty to, where crimes committed 2010 – 2014

i have not been convicted of a crime since 2015.

I was released in 2016 after aprox. 2,5 years imprisonment and released on ancle monitor and later probation. 


I am a permanent resident of Denmark.

attached is my Criminal Record

I am not a pedophile, and I have never been involved in any court proceedings or convictions related to such offenses. As of the current year, 2024, I am 31 years old. It is pertinent to note that my legal cases pertaining to sexual activities trace back to years i myself was extremely young and even a teenager myself, navigating the complexities of my sexuality while concurrently concealing it and disagreeing with it.

In the legal cases to which I pleaded guilty, my involvement centered around financial transactions or commitments with individuals ranging from the ages of 15 to 21, during a period when I myself was between the ages of 17 and 21. It is essential to take notice to the fact that the individuals in those cases where all born in 1992,1993,1994,1995,1996  and that i am born in 1992.

i am in no way denying the events that i was charged with, or downplaying the seriousness of them.

however, it is important to know that i am not, nor have i have i even been involved in cases of rape, violence, the use of violence, pedophilia or anything similar.

I was a member yes, according to them a pretty low level one,but I played a role that involved the disclosure of classified documents from the United States government. My responsibilities included orchestrating cybersecurity initiatives, encompassing computer intrusions into government computer systems of multiple nations, including the offices of government cabinets, intelligence services, state police, as well as corporate computer systems.

These activities resulted in the release of information by platforms such as WikiLeaks, including the so-called Syrian Files, Kissinger Cables, and others. My reflections on this period of my life serve as a testament to the complexities inherent in navigating such challenging situations. As I share my experiences on this platform, it is my hope that readers gain insight into the lessons learned and the personal growth that has ensued from those past endeavors

Part of my professional responsibilities included the recruitment of individuals closely associated with Bradley/Chelsea Manning. WikiLeaks had initially pledged a donation of 50,000 USD towards Manning’s legal case; however, this commitment was not fulfilled. Subsequently, through extensive communication efforts with Manning’s attorney in the U.S., I played a crucial role in prompting WikiLeaks to provide 1/5 of the initially pledged amount.

Additionally, it is noteworthy that WikiLeaks engaged in activities involving the illegal monitoring of communication channels, including the surveillance of phone calls. I possess recordings of such activities, here is One of them specifically those involving members of the Bradley Manning Support Network. These instances underscore the importance of transparency and accountability within organizational practices, even in the context of legal and support initiatives.

The aforementioned article from Stundin, now Heimildin, prominently features a headline asserting that a “Key witness in Assange case admits to lies in indictment.” It is imperative to clarify that no such admission is found within the article itself, nor does any corresponding statement on my part appear in the published audio recordings of the interview. It is crucial to recognize the gravity of making false statements to U.S. Law Enforcement and Intelligence, as such actions would entail significant repercussions and constitute a profound failure on my part. Clearing up any misconceptions surrounding the nature of the article is essential for an accurate understanding of the situation.

The story revolves about how certain information was obtained.

Information Julian Assange himself brags to Bradley/Chelsea Manning to having obtained via illegal access to a government system.
Which you can see Here

Indeed, WikiLeaks maintained associations with various hacker groups, including Anonymous, and enlisted the services of computer hackers as volunteers to breach systems in pursuit of information. While it may be contended that my actions could be perceived as those of a rogue operative operating within agreed-upon parameters or within the scope of my job, it is pertinent to note that subsequent to my departure from the organization, Julian Assange himself engaged in communications with recognized members of these hacker groups and volunteers. Furthermore, he accepted information that WikiLeaks later disseminated to the public. Clarifying these dynamics is essential for a nuanced understanding of the organizational landscape and subsequent developments.

In my perspective, WikiLeaks initially functioned as a journalistic organization involved in the responsible dissemination of information. However, concerns arise when the organization transitions into endorsing or encouraging computer hacking, including the compromise of former staff or volunteers’ computers. There are also instances where orchestration of potential break-ins at locations associated with former staff is suggested, all in pursuit of obtaining materials created by those individuals.

in my opinion wikiLeaks is just a data broker of sensitive and classified information.

A parallel can be drawn to the News of the World scandal, where journalists engaged in illegal access to devices owned by royals or celebrities, resulting in subsequent convictions. These actions, although initially perceived as journalistic, were ultimately deemed unlawful. The distinction between journalistic practices and activities that breach legal and ethical boundaries is critical in maintaining the integrity of the profession.

From my perspective, WikiLeaks presents itself as an organization lacking transparency, adopting practices akin to those of a governmental agency striving to conceal its actions. Notably, departing individuals from the WikiLeaks group often encounter intense public criticism, being labeled as traitors or thieves of organizational documents. An example of such accusations is evident when Julian Assange accused a former Icelandic member of selling diplomatic cables to a Norwegian newspaper for a substantial sum.

The treatment of ex-staff and volunteers by the organization reflects tactics reminiscent of authoritarian practices, raising concerns about the absence of transparency within its operations. While WikiLeaks was initially founded with the noble goal of holding individuals in power accountable for their actions, the organization’s actual practices appear to deviate from this core ethos.

A nuanced examination of the founder, Julian Assange, reveals a complex narrative. His evasion of charges in Sweden, which were independently brought and not fabricated by U.S. intelligence, left the involved women without the accountability that WikiLeaks consistently advocates for. Seeking refuge in the UK and residing in a mansion owned by an individual who experienced the illegal accessing of his own computers and systems, Assange eventually sought asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy, where he remained for years. During the majority of that time, the U.S. showed little interest in pursuing him. The current treatment he faces is indefensible, and it is essential for Julian Assange to confront the consequences of his actions. If the aim is to hold others accountable, it is imperative to uphold the same standards of accountability.

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